Magnetic Drive Chemical Pumps

Magnetic Drive Pumps. LEAK FREE high performing centrifugal water pumps which are purpose built to pump corrosive chemicals and salt water. Magnetic drive pumps prevent the pumped product from being polluted. Suits: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, Electroplating, Food, Wine, Brewery, Film and Photo Processing, Printing, Science and Research, Liquid Extraction. Pollution free. Magnetic drive water pumps are extensively used in the wine industry to slowly turn wine in barrels.

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Escaping Outdoors 16CQF-8 magnetic drive pump - Water Pumps Now
Max Flow Rate: 25 L/min
Max Head: 8m
Pump Pressure: 35PSI
Power: 240V, 0.12KW
Brand: Escaping Outdoors
SKU: 16CQF-8


$ 435.00