Macerator Pump 12v

Water Pumps Now Australia macerator pump range includes both 12 volt and 24v macerator pumps from Jabsco pumps and Escaping Outdoors. These 12v macerator pumps are the ideal answer to simple holding tank pump-outs in a 12 volt environment which requires the removal of sanitation waste. Macerator pumps are also ideal for macerating and evacuating livewell and fish box tanks, to macerate air and will empty your holding tank in only minutes.

Self priming, heavy duty and corrosion resistant these macerator pumps with powerful chopping blades will move sewage, clean, grey or waste water. Marine grade our macerator pumps are perfect to use in your boat or caravan and marine environments.

The Escaping Outdoors 12v electric macerator pump is priced to meet all budgets with a flexible impeller and the Jabsco electric macerator pump has a heavy duty corrosion resistant triple sealed ignition protected motor with 4 powerful stainless steel chopper blades to further reduce the possibililty of clogging.

Water Pumps Now offers FAST FREE SHIPPING throughout Australia and our 12 volt marine grade macerator pumps come with full Australian warranties. Shop with confidence at Water Pumps Now or contact us for assistance. Alternatively browse our full range of 12v and 24v water pumps.

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Jabsco J11-110 12v boat macerator pump for sewage and waste - Water Pumps Now
Type: Macerates air - water - waste
Max Flow Rate: 46 L/min
Max Head: 3m
Max lift: 1.2m vertical lift
Power: 12V, 16 Amps
Brand: Jabsco
SKU: J11-110


$ 415.00
Escaping Outdoors12v MP65 boat macerator sewage pump - Water Pumps Now
Type: Macerates air - water - waste
Max Flow Rate: 49 L/min
Max Head: 3m
Max lift: 1m vertical lift
Power: 12V, 15 Amps
Brand: Escaping Outdoors


$ 119.00