Liquid Level Controllers and Alarms

A Liquid level controller and level alarm systems are the ideal solution for maintaining water at a predetermined level in a tank. A Liquid level controller receives input from a float switch which is located in the tank. The system can be used to either fill or empty your tank. Shop Water Pumps Now for a comprehensive range of high quality water liquid level controllers which includes rain / stormwater tank fill, pump shut off controllers, liquid level alarms with both an indoor and outdoor controllers and water shut off and level alarm.

Browse Water Pumps Now Australia extensive PUMP range or our wide range of water pump controllers including liquid level controllers, pressure pump controllers and float controllers or contact us for assistance with your pump and controller application.

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Reefe 12981 controller for automatic water pumps transferring from collection pits to storage tanks
Type: Stormwater to Storage Tank
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12981
$ 723.00
Reefe 12983 pump shut off controller for automatic water pump from tank to home diagram
Type: Tank to Home
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12983
$ 723.00
Reefe 12985 liquid level controller for water storage tanks diagram Water Pumps Now
Type: Liquid Level controller
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12985
$ 759.00
Reefe 12988-2 liquid level alarm for water storage tanks Water Pumps Now
Type: Outdoor Storage Tank
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12988-2
$ 404.00
liquid level alarm indoor flush mount style Water Pumps Now.jpg
Type: Indoor, Flush Mount
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12989
$ 420.00
Liquid level and grey water pump controller - Water Pumps Now
Type: Grey Water Pit Controller
Plug Type: Quick Plug version
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12991
$ 747.00
Reefe 18736 tank level indicator w hydrostatic pressure transducer Water Pumps Now
Type: Water shut-off & level alarm
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 18736
$ 2900.00
Rainpro 4982 battery back up level alarm diagram - Water Pumps Now
Type: Back-up alarm
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 4982.2
$ 480.00
liquid level alarm water shut off alarm - Water Pumps Now
Type: Water shut-off & level alarm
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 9204
$ 1151.00
Reefe RPC12703 tank level indicator with 4 float switches - Water Pumps Now
Type: Tank level indicator with 4 x float switches
Brand: Reefe
SKU: RPC12703
$ 1144.00