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Liquid level controllers are ideal for maintaining water at a predetermined level in a tank. The controllers receive input from a float switch which is located in the tank. The system can be used to either fill or empty the tank.

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Type: Back-up alarm
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 49822
$ 881.00
Type: Stormwater to Storage Tank
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12981
$ 640.17
Reefe 12983 pump shut off controller for automatic pump from tank to home
Type: Tank to Home
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12983
$ 640.20
Reefe 12985 liquid level controller for water storage tanks diagram
Type: Storage Tank Controller
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12985
$ 672.35
Reefe 12988 liquid level alarm for water storage tanks
Type: Outdoor Storage Tank
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12988
$ 454.20
Reefe flush mounted water level alarm
Type: Indoor, Flush Mount
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12989
$ 371.95