Liquid Level Controller

$ 759.00
Model Number: R-12985
Voltage: 240 volt
Float length: 10m float switch
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The Reefe liquid level controller is ideal for maintaining water at predetermined levels in a tank. The liquid level controller receives inputs from a float switch, which is located in the water tank. By utilizing either the 'normally open' or the 'normally closed' output contacts the system can be used for either filling or emptying a tank. The 24VAC output can be directly connected to a solenoid valve for mains 'top up' systems or, alternatively, could be used to energise the contacts of a relay or contactor coils for pump or motor control. 

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  • Simple retrofit
  • Ideal for swimming pools, water tanks and reservoirs
  • Delay in activation avoids wave induced switching
  • 'Power On' and 'relay switched' indication
  • Distance of probe from electronics - up to 20m
  • 25mm solenoid valve