Jet Pumps

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Jet Pumps

Jet pressure pumps are mounted above ground and are a non-submersible pressure pump.

Jet pressure pumps typically draw water from a well, water tank or bore through a suction pipe to provide potable water for domestic use in the home and garden and around the farm. Jet pumps are often referred to as shallow well pumps as they are drawing water from below the ground at depths of up to 9m.

The difference between using a jet pressure pump and a submersible pump is jet pumps pulls water while a submersible pump pushes water.

Our selection of jet pressure pumps are ideal for domestic and farm applications and come in a range of sizes to suit all home sizes and are available as a pump only, pump with controller or pump with gauge, switch pressure tank and tee.

To eleminate unwanted cycling which can burn out your pump motor and to lengthen the life of your pump we recommend adding a pressure tank to your jet pressure pump. A pressure tank will keep the water pressure at a constant level and keeps the air and the water separated.