Jabsco "Utility Puppy" 2000 Pressure Pump 24V - CAN RUN DRY

$ 669.00
Model Number: J40-113
Head/Draw: Tooltip Maximum head 6m
Max flow: Tooltip 32 L/min
Amp draw: 8 amp
Self priming to: 1.2 m vertical lift
Voltage: 24 volt
Liquid to be pumped: Fresh salt and oily bilge water

The Jabsco "Utility Puppy" range of flexible impeller pumps have DC motors for many applications including bilge pumping, deck wash, shower drain and many other general purpose applications. These pumps have bronze head units, continuously rated motors, high discharge heads and are self priming.

These "Utility Puppy" pumps CAN BE RUN DRY for about 10 minutes which allows the bilge to be sucked completely dry. It also has a heavy duty mechanical seal for long life.

The motors should NOT be subject to external water or spray. Bilge debris presents no problem to these robust pumps. 

3/4" female BSP threaded ports. Suppied with nitrile impeller for oily bilge water. 

Also available in 12 volt. 

  • Marine/Boat
  • General purpose
  • Can be run dry for approximately 10 minutes 
  • Allows the bilge to be sucked completely dry
  • Heavy duty mechanical seal for long life
  • Jabsco – world leading brand
  • Suitable for bilge, deckwash or general purpose use
  • Deckwash - high flow floods decks and fishing cockpit to clear debris
  • 32 litres per minute (1920 litres per hour at 3m (10ft) head
  • Self priming to 1.2 metres vertical lift
  • Heavy duty high flow continuously rated pump
  • Supplied as standard with nitrile impeller for oily bilge water
  • Reliable performance
  • 12 volt. 13 Amp
  • 3/4" female BSP threaded ports. 
  • Also available in 24 Volt