Vertical Multistage Variable Speed Pump Sets

Model Number: VMR4-160
Max flow: Tooltip 5.5 (M3/HR) 5500 L/ph
Head/Draw: Tooltip 150m Head
Inlet/Outlet size: DN32
Horse power: Tooltip 3KW Power P2
Voltage: 415 volt
Packaging Weight (kg): 39kg
Liquid to be pumped: Clean water
$ 5698.00
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REEFE VMR series variable speed pump sets are a value for money solution for both commercial and domestic water requirements. Use to boost town water pressure to parks and gardens for irrigation, motels and high rise buildings, farms or homes. Efficient variable speed pump option to get the job done with the latest VVVF technology the variable frequency drive can ensure contant pressure at all times while producing the best efficiency out of your pumping system.

There are 6 variable speed pump set size options with the ability to set up to 6 units parallel. (photos show pump set options in the VMR series).

The Reefe Variable Speed pump sets are reknown for quality, technology and servicability. They are in our opinion leading the market in variable speed pumps.

A variable speed drive water pump is also known as a constant pressure pump as the motor speeds up and down dependant on the demand required giving you constant pressure resulting in huge energy savings which is why they are in high demand for commercial applications.

Contact us with your pump project and our pump engineers will get back to you with the best pump system for your application. Multiple pump systems available.

Browse Water Pumps Now Australia extensive range of industrial submersible pumps, pressure pumps or variable speed pressure pumps.

  • Parks and gardens
  • School ovals
  • Domestic and commercial water supply
  • Process water systems
  • High pressure washing
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Agricultural and horticultural irrigation
  • Stock water supply
  • Water treatment
  • Cooling towers
  • R.O systems
  • Easy to install plug n play systems ( 240v models )
  • Simple site connection ( for electrician on 415v models )
  • Factory wet tested for peace of mind on installation
  • Pre-set VSD for ease of operation ( can be custom set on wet test to suit project )
  • Able to be connected in series via 2 wire connection (max 6 units in parallel )
  • Corrosion resistant wetted parts for long service life
  • Cartridge type seal ensures quick maintenance process
  • Auto resetting after power interruptions for seamless operation
  • Ductile iron motor bracket
  • Stainless steel top cap, impellers, shaft, outer sleeve, diffusers and base port connections
  • Cast iron mounting plate, outer sleeve and o ring neck ring
  • Cartridge type mechanical seal
  • IP54 VSD enclosure

Reefe VMR4 160 variable speed multistage pump set specifications - Water Pumps Now

Reefe VMR4 160 variable speed multistage pump set performance graph - Water Pumps Now