High Pressure Irrigation Pump HMC170-6SH

Model Number: HMC170-6SH
Max flow: Tooltip 170 L/min
Pressure: Tooltip 110PSI
Head/Draw: Tooltip 80m/8m
Pump rating: Tooltip 54m, 100 L/min
Impellers: 10
Inlet/Outlet size: 32mm
Horse power: Tooltip 2.8HP, 2100W
Voltage: 240 volt
Packaging Size (cm): 60 x 27 x 25cm
Packaging Weight (kg): 25kg
Liquid to be pumped: Clean Water
$ 679.00
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Upgrade your irrigation with Escaping Outdoors HMC170-6SH multistage pump! With 170 L/min flow and 78m head, it's perfect for high-pressure irrigation. Reliable, energy-efficient, and self-priming, this heavy-duty pump suits farm, commercial, and civil applications. Boost your irrigation system's performance without breaking the bank. Made with durable materials, stainless steel impellers, and cast iron pump ends, this pump ensures longevity and efficiency. Easy to install and operate, with low power consumption and thermal protection. Enhance your irrigation system with our HMC170-6SH pump, and enjoy efficient water transfer and pressure boosting.

Escaping Outdoors HMC pump range specifications

Escaping Outdoors HMC170-6SH Multi-stage Irrigation Pump Applications

  • Flood and spray irrigation
  • Drawing water from lakes, dams rivers and creeks and shallow wells
  • Water transfer
  • Extensive irrigation system
  • Pressure boosting
  • High head water transfer

Escaping Outdoors HMC170-6SH Multi-stage Irrigation Pump Features

  • Stainless steel impellers
  • Cast iron pump ends
  • Stainless steel pump body
  • Multistage pump
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Fan cooled motor
  • Low power consumption
  • Thermal protection
  • Reliable performance
  • Heavy Duty model
  • Made from durable materials
  • Installation instructions included
  • 1 year warranty

Escaping Outdoors HMC multistage pressure pump range performance graph

Note: Add a PC10P controller to convert this farm irrigation pressure pump from manual to auto.

If you want the ability to adjust the pressure setting install a digital pressure switch ( EPS1) with 1 1/4″ 5 way tee, plus a pressure tank. (18 litre pressure tank for irrigation)