HoseCoil Deck Wash Systems are a range of high quality deck wash hose and deck wash hose storage systems from HoseCoil USA. Strong and highly flexible these self coiling deck wash hoses are made from strong blue polyether material with kits made from highly durable UV stabilised materials.

Quality hose nozzles or brass trigger spray guns come with all deck wash enclosure kits to effectively clean your anchoring hardware and for deck washdown.

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HoseCoil washdown systems side mount enclosure J27-101
Style: Side Mount Enclosure
Brand: HoseCoil
SKU: J27-101
$ 314.00
HoseCoil washdown systems horizontal mount enclosure J27-104
Style: Horizontal Mount Enclosure
Brand: HoseCoil
SKU: J27-104
$ 414.00
HoseCoil washdown systems flush mount hatch enclosure J27-107
Style: Flush Mount Hatch Enclosure
Brand: HoseCoil
SKU: J27-107
$ 499.00
HoseCoil washdown hose 4.5m blue HP hose J27-113
Max Flow Rate: 22 L/min
Style: 25' (7.6m) Blue HP hose
Outlets: Solid brass end fittings
Brand: HoseCoil
SKU: J27-114
$ 119.00
HoseCoil thumb lever deckwash hose gun J27-139
Style: Thumb lever - adjustable spray
Brand: HoseCoil
SKU: J27-139
$ 55.00
HoseCoil power lever hose gun J27-140
Style: Power lever - adjustable spray
Brand: HoseCoil
SKU: J27-140
$ 74.50