When should I use a Rain to Mains Pump System?

Do you have a rain water tank or are you thinking about getting one? But do you still want to enjoy the benefits of mains water supply ( town water supply )? There is a simple solution available, the Rain to Mains Pump System ( Rain Saver ). These easy to install rain to mains systems give you the full benefits of both, rain water collection in your rainwater tank and the reliability of mains water. Rain to mains pump systems are easy to use and for more information on how they work follow the follow the link to our explanation of what is a rain to mains system and how does it work.

Why to use a Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver)?

Councils across Australia are starting to make a Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver) a requirement so depending on where you live this may be compulsory for new houses or house renovations. It also is a simple way to live more sustainable by using your rainwater tank to reduce your mains water consumption.

Which Rain to Mains Systems (Rain Saver) are available?

We sell a full range of high quality European made Reefe Rain to Mains Pump Systems.

What are the benefits of the Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver)?

You wil enjoy the full benefit of the Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver) when you receive your water bills. The Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver) uses your tanks rainwater when appropriate, thus reducing the amount mains water supply. In the case of power failure, the Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver) automatically reverts to mains water supply so the household is not left without water.

What kind of applications can I use the Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver) for?

Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver) can be used in new and existing homes and can supply rainwater to your toilet and laundry or the whole house. The Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver) is easy to install with quick plug and pre-plumbed units available and will provide mains water only when the rainwater tank level is low. Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver) can supply rainwater as well to your garden taps for irrigation or washing the car without using mains water supply.

Further enquiries on the Rain to Mains System (Rain Saver)

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Paul Girdler, Managing Director/ Sales
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