What Pump Do I Need and How to Choose a Water Pump?

Water Pumps Now - What pump do i need?

Did you know that there are over 1,000 different pumps available on the market?

There are fuel pumps, sump pumps, marine pumps, caravan pumps and pressure pumps, to name a few! People often ask us, ‘What pump do I need and how do I choose a water pump?

To take the stress out of finding the right pump we developed a tool on our website and called it ‘How to Select a Pump'. Using our pump chooser tool, you are searching within all our available pumps.

To begin, simply enter basic information to narrow down the type of pump that will work best for you ( you won’t need to scroll through all the products! ). The options include the following ( you will need to select at least one option ):

  • Voltage: (Fuel, 12V, 18V, 24V, 240V, 415V, Fuel)
  • Pump Pressure: (0 - 45 PSI, 46 - 79 PSI, 80 PSI +)
  • Liquid to be Pumped: (Clean Water, Grey Water, Salt Water, Sewage, Corrosive chemicals, Waste Treatment, Fuels, Low Acid Chemicals)
  • Maximum Flow: (0-23 L/pm, 24-129 L/pm, 130 L/pm- 499 L/pm, 500 L/pm+)
  • Horse Power: (0 -1HP, 1.1 - 2HP, 2.1 - 3HP, 3.1HP+)
  • Maximum Head: (1 - 5m, 6 - 10m, 11 - 20m, 21 - 40m, 41m +)

Can I search for a pump by the Application I want it for?

Yes you can. Go to home, click on pump applications on the top toolbar. This will give you all the pump application categories to choose from. If you are looking for a pump for a caravan it will be under caravan. Pressure pumps for your home water supply will come under domestic house pressure pumps and so on.

Can I search for a pump by the type of pump it is?

Yes you can. Go to home, click on pumps. A drop down will appear with all the categories of pump types that fall under pressure pumps. For example: PUMPS - PRESSURE PUMPS - jet pressure pumps.

Can I compare pump products on the site?

Once you have narrowed your search down, you can select the ‘compare’ button on the ones you wish to look at in more detail. This is helpful because you can then look at the results side by side.

Click on ‘Product Details’ under the photograph of each product to find out more about the product. Details will include the specifications such as size, weight, maximum flow, pressure, inlet/outlet size, voltage and amp draw, as well as, the features of the product, the possible applications, related products and reviews and comments.

Try our Pump Chooser to answer the question: What pump do I need?

If you have further questions about a product and/or its usage, you can use the ‘Contact’ section of our website to send us a message or give us a call on 1300 411 366. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the right pump for you!

Once you have decided on which pump you need, you can add it to the cart, purchase the pump and we will ship it within 24 hours to you with tracking details. 

Paul Girdler

Paul Girdler, Managing Director/ Sales
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