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What is the function of pump stations?

Pump stations are used for domestic, rural, commercial, and industrial pump applications to lift and move collected sewage, wastewater, greywater or stormwater to generally a higher level with the use of a submersible pump.

What do pump stations consist of?

Pump stations consists of a holding tank, a lid, a pump or a set of pumps and a pump controller. Pump stations can also incorporate an alarm system depending on the application the pump station is required for.

  • Poly (Polyethylene) pump station holding tank
  • Pump station tank cover
  • Submersible Pump
  • Controller and/or alarm system

How do you size a pump station?

To size pump stations several variables, need to be taken into consideration. The size of the holding tank is dependent on the volume of fluid coming into the tank and the speed at which you require the liquid to be removed from the pump station to the higher or lower level. Based on the information we receive from the customer regarding the pump station application, our team of pump technicians will complete their calculations and provide a pump station quote for a suitable complete pump station delivered to your door. We can quote on a large variety of pump station options and sizes to ensure a long-lasting pump station for nearly all applications.

Pump stations tank size: dependent on maximum quantity of liquid to be stored

Pump station tank cover type:

  • Pedestrian cover
  • Light vehicle cover
  • Commercial vehicle cover

Pump application:

  • Drainage
  • Sewage
  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater

Size of pump:

  • What is the fluid to be moved?
  • How many litres per minute needs to be lifted?
  • What is the horizontal distance from pump to outlet of pipe where liquid is to be released?
  • What is the vertical lift from the pump to the outlet of pipe where the liquid is to be released?
  • 240v (single phase) or 415V (three phase) pump or set of pumps?
  • What is the size of the pipe?
  • Calculations are completed by our pump technicians based on the information provided by the customer

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How do I get a free no obligation pump station quote?

Receiving a pump station quote is as simple as filling out our pump station quote form. Our pump technicians will go over the information provided. A few questions may be asked to ensure the pump engineers are quoting for a suitable unit for your application. Your pump station quote will be received back via email. The pump station quote turnaround time is usually 24 hours.

How do you build a pump station?

Pump stations can be purchased as a pre-assembled packaged pump station kit which is designed to your specific customer requirements. Most pump stations are made from polyethylene and once completed, your poly pump station will be delivered to your site. Pump stations come complete with all the required submersible pumps, controllers, and equipment to allow for ease and speed of installation and commissioning. Purchasing a pre-assembled pump station kit is a cheaper way to purchase pump stations rather than buying all the necessary components separately and attempting to build your own pump station.

What is the purpose of a pump station for a drainage system?

In domestic situations where high volumes of rainfall can be experienced, stormwater or drainage pump station systems are required to help keep water moving away from the property. In residential situations if the home allotment has a lower point, a pump station or stormwater pit is placed in this position with all drainage running to that point. The pump in the pit or pump station senses a rise in water level when controlled automatically or when turned on manually and commences to pump the water or liquid. The discharge point of the liquid is commonly at the higher street level to join the stormwater system.

What’s the difference between a lift station and a pump station?

The purpose of both the lift station and a pump station are primarily the same, except the lift station is for the movement of sewage or waste only to a higher level to enter the common sewage system. Pump stations are primarily used for the movement of liquid waste, drainage, and stormwater. It can be moved upwards to a higher level or moved through pipes to a point of discharge required.

How do pump houses work?

How do pump houses work is a commonly asked question and in brief pump stations or pump houses are used to collect fluid and then move the fluid from one position to another.

Which pump type is best used for sewage?

A variety of submersible pumps are suitable for moving sewage using sewer pump stations. The pump application, whether it is for commercial, industrial, or residential sewage or waste will influence the choice of which sewage pump style and size is chosen for the pump station. Please read our article on choosing either a grinder pump or cutter pump for sewage pump applications. Noting our pump technicians will be able to advise and quote the best and most suitable pumps and accessories for your specific application.

Domestic Stormwater and Grey Water Pump Kits - Which one do I choose?

Due to the increased rainfall throughout Australia over the last couple of years the use of domestic stormwater and grey water pump kits has increased significantly. Water Pumps Now domestic and residential poly stormwater and greywater pump pit kits are pre-assembled and delivered to you in a timely fashion with a sump pump for the removal of your domestic stormwater. The poly pits come in a range of sizes to meet the needs of differing size stormwater requirements with 45 to 215 litre pits. Technical advisers are on hand to help with your pit and pump selection to make sure the amount of fluid you need to move in a pre-determined timeframe will meet your needs to remoce the excess stormwater or greywater.

Plumbers like the ease of installation with a pre-assembled pump kit. The difference between stormwater pump kits and our supplied grey water pump kits is the stormwater kits come complete with a galvanised grated lid and the grey water kits come with a class A poly pedestrian lid.

For full information on our stormwater and grey water residential packaged poly pits follow our website or contact us on 1300411366. We are here to help!

Pump stations suitable for larger stormwater applications are also available in sizes from 250 litres to 5000 litres. Our easy to complete pump station quote form is easy to complete by simply ticking multiple choice boxes of your requirements or contact us and we can assist you over the phone.

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Water Pumps Now Australia specialise in pump stations and suitable stormwater, sewage, wastewater, or drainage pumps and pits for residential, commercial or industrial applications. If you have and further queries, please don't hesitate to contact our pump technicians direct on 1300 411 366 or via email. We are here to help!

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