How to Select the Best Water Pump for Domestic use in Australia

how to select the best water pump for domestic use in Australia

Water is a natural resource which in dry seasons in Australia is like liquid gold in some parts of our country. To move water from one place to another whether it be for domestic water use, for agriculture, industrial use or the many other reasons we use water we require pumps to move the water. Water pumps are therefore in high demand throughout the year as different water pumps are used in different seasons and areas of Australia.

One of the biggest selling pumps in Australia are domestic house pumps. Lets check out some of the best selling water pumps for domestic use and how to select the best water pump for domestic use in Australia. 

Which water pump is best for home use

There are a number of pump types which are suitable for domestic use. The choice of water pump is first decided by what type of pump is best for your application and situation.

Multistage domestic pumps – A popular water pump providing great pressure and water flow and ideal for long runs of piping

Jet domestic pumps – Self priming pumps ideal for suction and tank applications

Variable speed pumps – Offering fabulous new technology with a variable speed motor allowing the pump motor to only run at the required level, lowering electricity costs and giving a smooth system.

Submersible domestic pumps – Ideal for a tank or bore a submersible pump comes in a variety of styles including multistage with internal controllers.

These pump types can also be set up for rain to mains pump applications.

Once you have determined the type of pump best suited for your home you can then decided on the model you require to give you the water flow rate and pressure required for your home.

What jet pump would you choose for domestic use in Australia

A jet pump is ideal for domestic water pump applications with many brands of jet pumps on the market, so it can be very confusing to select the best pump. Water Pumps Now Australia recommend the Reefe PRJE series of jet pressure pumps.

Made in Europe and economically priced these high quality Reefe jet water fpumps come in 4 models with a size to suit all domestic water pump applications. The PRJ55E (small homes) PRJ65E (small to medium homes), PRJ80E (medium to large homes) and PRJ100E for large and double storey homes. If you are unsure of which model will best suit your home please drop us a line. We're here to help!

Some of the features of these great jet pumps are: high suction lift to 9m, certified AS4020 for potable water, carbon ceramic seals, automatic pressure controller with quick plug included, heavy duty European construction and 2 year manufacturers warranty. 

Reefe PRJ house water pump range a buyers guide Water Pumps Now

What submersible pump is the best for my house? 

Reefe RPS57E multistage submersible water pressure pump w integrated pressure controller Water Pumps NowThe best choice of multistage submersible pressure pump is a 100% European made pump by Reefe Pumps which includes an integrated pressure controller for easy installation and seamless operation. A high performing stainless steel pump coming in 2 sizes with either a 32m head of 57m head with float switch for run dry protection and a number of excellent inclusions making these pumps one of the very best on the market at an affordable price to meet most budgets. Like most pressure pumps these multistage submersible pumps can be used over a number of various pump applications including irrigation, rain to mains and tank water supply for your house. RPS34E - 32m head or RPS57E - with 57m head.

Reefe RPS34E and RPS57E multistage submersible pressure pump range specifications Water Pumps Now

What variable speed water pump is best for my house?

Reefe variable speed pressure pump Water Pumps NowThe Reefe range of variable speed pumps have the absolute latest in advanced speed regulation technology to maintain constant pressure at your outlets even when your demand fluctuates as you sometimes have more outlets open together than at other times. If you are suffering from poor pressure in your home which is an issue in some areas, these pumps will boost your pressure for a comfortable shower again, will lower your power consumption and pump running costs.

How do I buy a water pump for my house?

The purchasing process to buy a water pump for your house is very easy. Click on the link for the pump you wish to buy in this article and then enter the pump into your shopping cart and complete the cart details and prompts or to look at more water pump options, go to the Water Pumps Now home page, hover over the word PUMPS in the main menu, then hover over the word PRESSURE PUMPS and click on the pump type you wish to purchase. EG: Jet pressure pump or submersible pressure pump. Once you have drilled down deep into the category of your choice it will give you the best choices. You don't need to open each one as we have the main pump specifications listed on each listing so you can compare and choose the best one very easily. Once you have worked out the water pump you require simply added the pump to your cart and follow the cart instructions. Freight is included in the price so there are no hidden surprises. Your pump will be sent from our NSW warehouse within 1 day of ordering.

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