How to adjust the pressure PSI on your pressure switch (12V)

Is your FL 12 volt caravan water pump ( 12v ) cycling frequently or does your pressure switch fail inside of 12 months?

This can have a couple of reasons but your first course of action should be to adjust the pressure (PSI) on your Escaping Outdoors FL water pump. This is a quick and easy process with five simple steps.

Step One - Locating the pressure switch on your Escaping Outdoors FL water pump

Once you have your FL water pump in front of you you will see on the top end of the pump a square black box. This is the pressure switch of your FL pump we have to access.

Step Two - Opening the pressure switch

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to gently loosen the one screw in the middle. Once it is loose, remove it from the pressure switch. Once the screw is gone we can remove the cover of your pressure switch.

Step Three - Adjust the pressure ( PSI ) of your pressure switch

Under the cover of your pressure switch you will see a second screw in the middle of the pressure switch. This screw determines the pressure ( PSI ) of your FL pump. See image below. You can adjust the pressure ( PSI ) by turning this screw 1/4 of a turn at a time (counter clockwise to lower the pressure ( PSI ), clockwise to increase it).

Step Four - Repeat step three until the pump runs smoothly

To ensure that the adjusted pressure ( PSI ) is right you will have to test your FL pump. If it is still cycling you will have to adjust the pressure ( PSI ) of your pressure switch on top of the FL pump again by repeating step number three. Be careful and patient during this process.

Step Five - Close your pressure switch

Once the FL pump runs smoothly again then put the cap back on the pressure switch. Simply reverse step two and tighten the screw of the cover of your pressure switch. Once this is done your FL pump is ready for normal use.

how to test for a failed 12v pressure switch - Water Pumps Now

Further trouble shooting - in case of further cycling or failure of another 12v pump pressure switch

There might be cases where your FL pump can not be adjusted to run smoothly. This means your system is not a close enough match to the pressure ( PSI ) of the FL pump. The best option to ensure the longevity of your setup and Escaping Outdoors FL water pump will be to add a pressure tank (or accumulator tank) to your system. This will be added after the FL pump to help regulate the flow of water and increases the life of your FL pump. A non-return valve at the water source is also a requirement.

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how to test for a failed 12v pump pressure switch

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