House Pressure Pump - A Buyers Guide

A Pressure pump is also known as a water tank pump and is primarily used to pump water from your rain water tank supply to both your home and your garden. The pressure pump pulls the water from your tank and then pushes the pressurised water to all of the outlets and taps throughout your house and garden.

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What do I need to consider when choosing a house pressure pump?

  • The total distance from the water tank to the furthest outlet or tap to be serviced in the home or garden
  • The pressure required
  • Are you wanting a quiet pump?
  • Do you want an economical house pressure pump regarding power usage?


The distance between your tank and furthest outlet

The size of pressure pump you require will depend on the distance the water needs to travel from the tank to the furthest outlet. Measure this distance first. The longer the distance the bigger the pressure pump you require.

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The height of the outlets in the home

In a single storey home the highest outlet will normally only be the height of the shower rose (Maximum of 1.8m). In a double storey home the highest outlet on the 2nd floor may be up to 5m. Higher again for homes with more levels.

Added to this measurement is the height or lift the water has to travel up to the house vertically from the water tank.

Moving water upwards is moving the water against gravity. Generally the head pressure for this will need to be a minimum of 20-50 metres.

What kind of water pressure do you require?

Firstly we need to know what the rainwater is being used for. This will help determine the water pressure required. Litres per minute ( L/min ) is how water is measured.

Slower water flow is often accepted for washing machines and toilet cistern refilling.

For a great shower or using your hose to water the garden we all prefer higher pressure. Higher pressure results in a faster flow available at your outlets and taps.

To choose the best pressure pump you need to determine how many litres per minute (L/min) you require. Example: Someone is in the shower whilst someone else is flushing a toilet and at the same time an outside tap is working to water the garden.

A shower may require 12 L/min, garden tap 12 L/min and toilet flushing 5 L/min. You will require a pressure pump which will deliver a minimum of 29 L/min.

How to achieve a quiet house pressure pump?

There are a number of ways to reduce pump noise.

  • Add a pressure tank: This will reduce how many times the pump cycles
  • Cover the pump: Enclose the pump in a pump cover allowing for airflow around the pump to ensure the pump does not overheat. Quality pump covers to suit most pressure pumps on the market available in our store.
  • Consider a submersible pressure pump to sit inside your water tank

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Energy consumption of your house pressure pump

Don’t purchase the biggest pressure pump available. Buy according to your requirements for your application as the bigger the pressure pump the higher the energy it draws. The more energy used the higher the electricity bill you will receive.

There are 4 ways to reduce your energy costs:

  • Choose an energy saving pressure pump
  • Add a pressure tank to your system. The pressure tank holds an amount of pressurised water. When you turn your tap or outlet on the water is first drawn from the pressure tank. Once the pressure tank is empty the pump then starts up.
  • Set up a gravity feed system or a header tank system

Which house pressure pump do Water Pumps Now recommend?

Water Pumps Now offer a large range of house pressure pumps for you to consider. The most popular energy efficient range for a household supply is the Reefe PRJ range of Jet Pressure Pumps.

Benefits of the PRJ Jet Pressure Pump range:

  • Models available with or without a pressure controller
  • Models available with rains to mains options or as a full kit
  • 4 sizes in the range making it easy to choose
  • Excellent 2 year Australian warranty
  • Fast Free Shipping throughout Australia
  • Certified to AS4020 for potable water
  • Power saving – highly efficient design uses up to 50% less power than common alternative brands
  • Quiet, reliable pressure pump
  • Pressure controller which automatically checks for water every 24 hours after a run-dry event
  • Suction lift up to 8 m depth with foot valve
  • Motor IP44 protection with Insulation Class F. Terminal board protection IP54

Energy Saving House Pumps

PRJ55E small home 2 - 4 outlets
PRJ65E medium home 4 - 6 outlets
PRJ80E medium / large home 5 - 8 outlets
PRJ100E large home 7 - 12 outlets

 Reefe PRJ house water pump range specifications and graph

To help with your pressure pump choice for your home either drop us a line or phone to speak to our pump technicians on 1300 411 366. We’re here to help!

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