12v Shurflo Pump - Smart Sensor Water Pump - A buyers guide

Shurflo water pumps are used throughout the world and are highly regarded by RV, caravan and boating enthusiasts. Shurflo pumps are highly reliable and can be mounted in any position. With thermal protection and can be run dry for short periods without damage. Shurflo pumps are quiet 12v pumps, self priming, have a built in check valve and internal by-pass and boast a very credible 3 year limited warranty.

How do the Smart pumps work?

A 12v Smart pump will adjust the outgoing pressure and flow to match the needs of your plumbing system. This means the Jabsco Parmax Freshwater Pumps and Shurflo freshwater pressure pumps which are smart sensor pumps, do not need an accumulator tank since the Smart sensor pumps will speed-up and slow-down as required to meet the demand for water.

What choices do I have if I am replacing a Shurflo or Jabsco 12V pump?

If you are replacing your 12v water pump in your caravan or boat there are cheaper options on the market than the Shurflo or Jabsco pumps but dont expect pumps like the FL pump range which are a much much cheaper price option to operate the same as the Smart Sensor Pumps.

The Smart sensor technology is built into the Jabsco Parmax and Shurflo freshwater pump ranges.

The FL style diaphragm pump range are excellent pumps which operate at one speed and therefore require the addition of an accumulator tank to accumulate the excess pressure in the system. The result if not well matched is a noisy pump and eventual pressure switch failure which alot of people mistake for pump failure.

An FL pump with an accumulator tank will work very effectively and is a cheaper option for most but do not expect the FL pumps used on their own without an accumulator tank to be comparative to the smart pumps like the Jabsco or Shurflo Smart Pumps. Browse Water Pumps Now full range of 12v pumps.

Short 1.16 minute video from Shurflo

This video from Shurflo describes the difference in performance offered by the Shurflo Smart Sensor pumps


          Shurflo Fresh 3 Aquaking 2 12V 11.3LPM caravan marine fresh water pressure pump Water Pumps Now

 Typical 12v Shurflo freshwater water pump caravan solar cabin or boat set up

Which 12v Shurflo Freshwater Pressure Pump should I choose?

Shurfo 3.0 Freshwater Pressure Pump

The Shurflo 3 automatic freshwater pressure pump is a reliable marine grade pump with 4 chamber diaphragm delivering 11.3 litres per minute, at a 'just like home' pressure of 55 PSI to multiple outlets (up to 3 outlets) -i.e. shower, galley, toilet, basin. The quad design gives very low noise and the built in adjustable by-pass valve gives top performance and smooth flow without rapid pump cycling and without the need for an accumulator. These pumps have 1/2" male thread NPT ports and include 2 x 1/2" (12mm) straight hose barb fittings. All Shurflo pumps must be used with a strainer or warranty will be void. Shurflo 3.0 Buy Now

Shurflo 4.0 Freshwater Pressure Pump

The Shurflo 3 automatic freshwater pressure pump delivers up to 15 litres per minute at pressure of 55 PSI to multiple outlets -i.e. shower, galley, toilet, basin. A built-in mechanical bypass function enables these pumps to vary the flow rate for any on-demand condition, including low flow, without cycling and without the need for an accumulator. Heavy duty motor with O ring sealed end bells and sealed wire entries on the motor shell and pressure switch. The 12 volt pump must be used with a strainer. Shurflo 4.0 Buy Now

Shurflo 5.0 Freshwater Pressure Pump

The Shurflo 5 automatic freshwater pressure pumps will deliver up to 19 L/min at 55PSI to multiple outlets. EG: Shower, galley, toilet and basin. Reliable marine grade freshwater pressure pump suitable for your caravan or boat. Automatically turns on and off with a smooth flow 4 chamber diaphragm for quiet operation. Corrosion resistant seamless electro-plated motor casing, self priming, ignition protection and thermal overload protection. Shurflo 5.0 Buy Now

Does my 12v Shurflo water pump require a filter?

All Shurflo pumps require a Shurflo screen filter when in operation so as to not void warranty. The filter ensures no unwanted particles in the water get into the pump and cause it to breakdown.

Do Shurflo 12v water pumps have 24 volt models?

Yes Shurflo does have a 24V model which has the comparative specifications to each 12V model.

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Further questions or queries:

If you would like to talk to one of our staff regarding which Shurflo pump to purchase or what alternatives would work best with your budget and set-up please contact us or give us a call for friendly advice on 1300 411 366.

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