FL Pump Feet - set of 4

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One set of four rubber pump feet to suit Escaping Outdoors 12v, 24v and 240v FL style diaphragm water pumps.

The four rubber pump feet simply slide on to the water pump and suit many brands of caravan style pressure pumps including the Escaping Outdoors brand, Flojet, Flopump, Sailflo and Propump 12v pump brands.

Escaping Outdoors rubber feet suit FL diaphragm pump models below.

  • Escaping Outdoors FL2202
  • Escaping Outdoors FL3203
  • Escaping Outdoors FL30
  • Escaping Outdoors FL35
  • Escaping Outdoors FL40
  • Escaping Outdoors FL43
  • Escaping Outdoors FL44
  • Escaping Outdoors FL60