DRS160 Domestic Vortex Sump Pump

$ 201.00
Model Number: DRS160
Head/Draw: Tooltip 7m
Max flow: Tooltip 168 L/min
Pump rating: Tooltip 4m, 100 L/min
Inlet/Outlet size: 32mm
Horse power: Tooltip 0.73HP, 550W
Amp draw: 2.1 amp
Voltage: 240 volt
Cable length: 10 meters
Size (cm): 21.5 x 15 x 35cm
Weight (kg): 5kg
Solids handling: Soft solids to 35mm
Liquid to be pumped: Grey Water

The REEFE DRS160 Vortex Submersible pump provides proven reliability and value for money with its corrosion resistant poly construction.  It is light weight, efficient and provides generous flow for many diverse applications.

  • Small grey water pits
  • Pool and tank emptying
  • Waste water
  • Treatment systems
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Soft solid handling up to 35mm
  • High performance 168 lpm, 7m max head
  • H05RNF 10m power cable
  • Includes multi-stage hosetail
  • 1 year warranty
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Corrosion resistant body and case
  • Technopolymer vortex impeller
  • Carbon/Ceramic mechanical seal
  • Float switch - adjustable

DRS160 domestic vortex sump pump specifications

DRS160 domestic vortex sump pump performance graph