Domestic Pumps

Domestic pump - house water pump: Browse online at Water Pumps Now Australia for house water pumps - high quality pressure boosting water pumps for both your house and garden with competitive pricing, long warranties and excellent back up service. The highly regarded Reefe PRJ range of house and domestic water pumps can be purchased with our without controllers with a house pump to suit all house applications. A full range of accessories are also available to go with your house water pump including pressure tank, pressure controller, pump filter and pump covers. If you have the ability to convert your rain water to town water Water Pumps Now stock an excellent range of rain to mains water pump setups and accessories.

If you are unsure of which house water pump will best suit your house and garden, give us a call on 1300 411 366 for friendly technical advice or contact us with your pump application. We're here to help!

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