DN 1/2" Pressure Relief Valve w Gauge

Model Number: EO-PRV
$ 39.95
Rating: Not Rated Yet

D/N ½” inch adjustable Brass water Pressure Relief Valve with gauge metre proving MPA & PSI pressure settings. Also known as a pressure regulating valve or pressure reducing valve.

A pressure relief valve is used to reduce or to provide a maximum water pressure from your water source / supply going into your setup. 

Reason for use: Excess pressure in your system may cause major problems.

Example: in a food truck or coffee cart excess pressure could damage your water heater, water pump, coffee machine or any standard fixtures.

Standard town water pressure should not exceed 50 PSI going into your home, cabin, RV, caravan or boat so the pressure relief valve can be set to not exceed this amount. It should be set around 40 PSI and no higher than 50 PSI.

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