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Water pump controller, pump alarm and pump controller accessories range for automatic control of your water pump using a reliable pressure switch, control or float. The main types of pump controllers are liquid level pump controller to maintain a predetermined level of water in your tank, pressure controller to automate the control of pressure pumps, float controller to automate your submersible pump to stop your tank from overflowing or running dry or single phase or three phase pump controllers which are typically used with submersible Vortex pump sets for sewage applications. These pump controllers are hard-wired to your water pump or a number of booster pumps to ensure perfect pump operation for your application at all times. 

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Escaping Outdoors 240v water pump pressure switch gauge and tee
Cut in Pressure: 20 PSI
Style: Suits pumps to 10 amp
Outlets: 1 inch connections
Power: 240v
Brand: Escaping Outdoors
$ 55.00
Escaping Outdoors PC10P pressure pump controller for pumps 2 to 3HP - Water Pumps Now
Style: Suits pumps 2HP to 3HP
Cut in Pressure: 32 PSI (2.2 BAR)
Plug Type: 3 pin plug and 3 pin socket
Outlets: 25MM
Power: 220 - 240V
Brand: Escaping Outdoors
$ 110.00
Escaping Outdoors PC13A pressure pump controller for pumps to 2HP - Water Pumps Now
Style: Suits Pump up to 2HP
Cut in Pressure: 1.5 BAR adjustable
Plug Type: 3 pin plug and 3 pin socket
Power: 220-240V
Outlets: 25mm
Pump Pressure: 44PSI
Brand: Escaping Outdoors
$ 82.00
Escaping Outdoors 2m water pump float switch - Water Pumps Now
Style: Automates submersible pumps
Brand: Escaping Outdoors
$ 32.00
Escaping Outdoors 5m float switch for water tanks - Water Pumps Now
Style: Automates submersible pumps
Brand: Escaping Outdoors
$ 36.00
Reefe 12981 controller for automatic water pumps transferring from collection pits to storage tanks
Type: Stormwater to Storage Tank
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12981
$ 723.00
Reefe 12983 pump shut off controller for automatic water pump from tank to home diagram
Type: Tank to Home
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12983
$ 723.00
Reefe 12985 liquid level controller for water storage tanks diagram Water Pumps Now
Type: Liquid Level controller
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12985
$ 759.00
Reefe 12988-2 liquid level alarm for water storage tanks Water Pumps Now
Type: Outdoor Storage Tank
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12988-2
$ 404.00
liquid level alarm indoor flush mount style Water Pumps Now.jpg
Type: Indoor, Flush Mount
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12989
$ 420.00
Liquid level and grey water pump controller - Water Pumps Now
Type: Grey Water Pit Controller
Plug Type: Quick Plug version
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 12991
$ 747.00
Reefe 18736 tank level indicator w hydrostatic pressure transducer Water Pumps Now
Type: Water shut-off & level alarm
Brand: Reefe
SKU: 18736
$ 2900.00