Booster Pump

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Booster Pump

A booster pump is a generally a surface mounted pump used to maximize pressure in a fluid line or pipe line when pulling water or fluid from a storage tank or storage pit or pump station when there is low water pressure and flow which needs to be increased.

There are many pressure booster pumps on the market to pressurise a pump system to your desired level.

A common complaint we receive is the town pressure in some areas is low and consumers are looking to increase the pressure of their system to enable them to enjoy a good shower.

If you are looking for a pressure boosting system for your home we recommend the Reefe Variable Speed Pump / Pressure Boosting System.

The Reefe VSRE series of variable speed multistage pump are a market leading pump with advanced technologies for super efficient flow of clean water in various pressure boosting applications. Available in 7 sizes these variable speed pumps are built to meet varying demands and requirements. Made in Europe the Reefe VSRE pumps feature highly durable construction to guarantee an extended service life backed by a 3 year warranty. Assembled with a variable speed drive the pressure pump can respond to demands in application, guaranteeing perfect pressure.