Bilge Pump

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Bilge Pump

A bilge pump is a submersible pump which removes water from your boats bilge (the hull of the boat).

All boats should have at least one bilge pump in the lowest point in the bilge and must be easily accessed for regular inspections.

The bilge pump is a very important piece of equipment with the function of removing water from the bottom of the inside of the hull which is also called the bilge area of the boat. The bilge is the lowest point of the boat and it is designed to collect the excess water on your boat to prevent flooding.

A bilge pump works by creating pressure or suction to move the water. A manual bilge pump can operate with a float switch to turn the bilge pump on while automatic bilge pumps check for water automatically in a set time frame.

Regular boat maintenance checks should include checking the operation of your bilge pump to ensure there is no build up of unwanted water in the bilge which could cause boat damage and to check your pump is operating efficiently.