Air Diffuser 120 L/min

Model Number: RAD255
Maximum volume 120 L/min
Packaging Size (cm): Outer Diameter 250mm
Size of bubble 1 - 3 mm
Bubble type Fine
Ambient temperatures: 0 + 100°C
Inlet/Outlet size: 3/4 inch BSP
Liquid to be pumped: Pond & waste water
$ 119.00
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The Reefe air diffuser range comes in 3 popular sizes and offers superior aeration for wastewater treatment, plants, aquaculture, dams and koi ponds. Multiple air diffusers can be mounted in-line for larger systems. The high grade EPDM membrane with precision holes on the air diffusers, offers a long lasting solution for your system.

Reefe pond air diffuser and linear air pump range specifications and graph

Reefe RAD255 Water Air Diffuser Application

  • Wastewater aeration
  • Air purification
  • Aquaculture
  • Septic systems 

Reefe RAD325 Water Air Diffuser Features

  • Low maintenance diffuser, saves time cleaning 
  • RAD models provide very evenly dispersed bubbles, providing excellent aeration

Reefe RAD325 Water Air Diffuser Construction

  • High grade EPDM
  • ABS support dish