Advanced Dual Pump Controller - 1 & 3 phase

Model Number: RPC36020
$ 2874.00
Rating: Not Rated Yet

ADVANCED Pump Controller with an attractive backlit LCD screen enables an increased level of operator intervention and setup customisation. Whilst all features present in the Standard Series of Pump Controllers are still available in this new ADVANCED Pump Controller, the major changes relate to operator customisation of all timing and parameter settings, data logging and the capability to interface with monitoring equipment using MODBUS.

This exceptionally versatile pump controller enables the operator to optimise function parameters to best suit the application.

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Pump controller which integrates with monitoring equipment

  • Distinctive, clear backlit LCD screen and navigation keys
  • Circuit breaker protected control circuitry
  • Lockable main isolator
  • Individual pump isolation
  • Auto / Off / Manual operation of pump/s
  • Thermal overload protection of pump motor/s
  • Advanced micro processor control module
  • Clear display of pump faults via screen
  • Visual and audible alarms complete with mute switch
  • IP65 weather proof, powder coated metal enclosures complete with removable gland plate
  • No flow / pressure / prime loss - inbuilt timer feature

MODBUS connection interface with monitoring system including access to logged data

Data Logging capabilities - Manipulation of all timing parameters - Password Protected

  • Inner door style only

Note: please specify required voltage and amps when ordering