Accumulator Tank

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Accumulator Tank

An accumulator tank also known as a pressure tank is a storage vessel designed to hold water under pressure.

An accumulator tank is commonly used with diaphragm pumps and lessens the time the pump is on as water is drawn from the accumulator tank first before the pump needs to turn on. The accumulator tank absorbs excess pressure in your system caused by an inbalance of water flow lessening water hammer, pump cycling and increasing the life span of your pump.

Accumulator tanks are installed on the outlet side of the pump before the hot water system and / or tap or outlet.

How does the accumulator tank work:

The accumulator tank holds a cushion of air with most accumulator tanks being factory preset to 10%. When the pump starts, water enters the reservoir of the accumulator tank. At maximum pressure the system is filled. The pump then shuts off. When water is demanded at the tap or faucet, pressure in the air chamber forces water into the system. The pump stays off until minimum pressure is reached, then the pump starts and runs until cut-out pressure is reached.

Is the 10% factory preset amount correct for all pumps

Dependant on the maximum pressure of your pump we can preset your accumulator tank to the required air pressure to suit your pump before it leaves our warehouse.

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